Buster was the dog of dogs, the heart dog, the one that you could not love more…and the one who could not love you more. Buster was only 7 when he was diagnosed with cancer. We took him to a renowned canine specialist group who started with a thorough evaluation, including a consultation with a veterinarian nutritionist. His diagnosis there – Buster was riddled with cancer, and he was obese. We were stunned, and began to ask a million questions. This was the beginning of our journey to discover the best possible nutrition and ingredient solutions for our B’s.

We lost Buster within two months. We were heartbroken. It became our mission to develop treats for all doggies that nurture wellness and promote longevity.

We were shocked by the lack of nutritious treat options on the market, so we set out to change that. We love our B’s, and B’s are love.

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